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About Us  
Hefei aera custom dress Co. Ltd is a joint venture,specialized in producing all kinds and all types of resin zipper,medal zipper,nylon zipper,zipper code attire resin button,(Chief products:Lahua button,xuabhua buutton,single color button,zhuguang button,Laser button and so on),medal button(chief products:gongzi button,sihe button,qiyan,rivet,bottle gourd button,rizi button and so on),plastic button(adjusment button ,bagbutton,decration button and so on),natural button(woolen button,shellbutton,coconut button and so on).Weboast advanced automatic production equipment andstrict production management system.
Mega to Dashun button industry chain as a background, mining industry advantage, geographical advantage, talent advantage, the joint venture in a strong resources into full play, breakdown products category resources, technology resources, through the production and marketing of reasonable distribution of database management, greatly reduce the button trade in intermediate links, to provide customers with more excellent quality, price more affordable, trade more convenient, more accurate product service time.
The modern manufacturing industry in information management, in addition to promote the product form outside the database, the associated enterprises in production, trade, logistics links are the use of modern enterprise management data, can accurately detect the changes of each segment, in time for customers to find and solve problems, to ensure that the quality of products and trade time consistency.
Mega has worldwide sales and marketing networks and high-quality and a wide range of customer groups. Is well-known foreign and domestic buyers and famous brand clothing manufacturers as well as Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and many other well-known foreign trade import and export companies designated suppliers. But also the institutions, agencies, institutions uniform button.
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